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Shannon G.
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"The first time I was involved in buying a home I was present in body but not in mind. I allowed my husband to make all the calls and I trusted his decision. He was a good provider and made a good choice for us and our family. Since then I've divorced, with the dream of saving and owning a home. This time I would be going it all alone. I naively missed out on the learning experience and being present that first time. Buying a home as a single mom is terrifying! I could not have done it without the guidance that Lisa Le brought. She isn't just your realtor, she is a genuine friend standing beside you through the entire process. I work a lot so my time is somewhat limited. As soon as I showed interest in a house, Lisa was there doing tours and sending me recordings not just the home I was interested in but of others available that match my wants. The entire time, she kept me informed of everything, the obvious and not so obvious especially as a first time home buyer. Things that didn't even cross my mind. She was present every time with me. Jokingly, I called her my bulldog because she wasn't afraid to go to bat for me on things I didn't even know I could ask for or needed. She got every little thing on my inspection request done. Even simple things like making sure they cut the grass or stains she noticed on the floor that I completely overlooked. It was under her recommendation to do a sewer scope, which being a new build I would have thought it unnecessary, and we found there was a huge problem that had I not done so my brand new house would have been flooded within months. Lisa is exceptional and I am eternally grateful to have had her stand by me during this process. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa Le Properties for any and all of your real estate needs. Thank you Lisa Le for everything."
5 /5.0
by lesliesultani6
"Our experience with Lisa was nothing short of amazing. I told her that I was a disabled veteran and was going to use my VA home loan to purchase our first house. Since her grandfather was a Navy veteran, she made sure that we got the best possible deal and also suggested a local lender to use which ended up giving us a better interest rate and much more personable customer service. Lisa was able to get all the repairs we wanted fixed, and we ended getting the price even lower then what we initially agreed upon. Buying a house is always a nervous and sometimes hectic process, however she did a great job explaining the how everything works, and referred us to others if she didn’t know the answer. I am very pleased with how Lisa was always available no matter what time of the day, and I appreciate that she takes especially good care of veterans. I definitely recommend her if you’re looking to buy a home!"
5 /5.0
by Marko Mandac
"My husband and I moved to Camas from San Francisco in September 2018. We came to Camas because of affordable housing and great schools for our newborn twins. Neither of us had been to Camas prior to May of that year. We decided to visit Camas and potentially buy a home here because it was recommended by my colleagues at my company’s office in Vancouver.During our first visit to Camas in May this year, we flew to PDX and drove to downtown Camas and began walking around. We knew we might want to buy a house in Camas and we were taken by the electronic display in Lisa's front window. We stopped to use the interactive computer display to look at the properties available, and Lisa came out to say hello to us. Although we had planned to use a randomly-selected realtor from an online service, we quickly saw that Lisa was the right choice for us.What drew us to Lisa was her attention to detail, her extensive knowledge of Camas, and her ability to give us great advice about the city. In addition, her ’boutique service’ of complementary professional cleaning and yard service was a big plus for us. In addition, she paid for our stay at the beautiful Camas Hotel during our two visits to Camas to determine whether this was the right place for us to live and to purchase a house once we decided that it was indeed the right place for us to live. Not only that, once we moved into the house we purchased through her, we had to go out of town for several weeks. During that time Lisa kindly kept an eye on our house for us, and collected a package that had been left on our front porch for us.We are very grateful for Lisa. She is real asset to the city of Camas. She played a major role in us deciding to live here. She really helped us find the right house, And it was all because of her beautiful window display that we saw for the first time in May of this year."
5 /5.0
by wirvin0
"Lisa has gone above and beyond as our agent. She negotiated a good price for us on the home and was able to handle a sticky situation with the seller in regard to rent back and the loan. It worked out for all of us and led us to be able to get our dream home. Thanks Lisa"
5 /5.0
by AuroraRemember
"My husband and I knew Lisa from spending time in downtown Camas. She is a staple of the community. She was an easy pick for our real estate agent since she is well connected and experienced. When trying to find houses, she and her office manager Daniel put together an organized map with times to view homes. It was really efficient to see as many as possible in a short time. We actually found our new home within a couple weeks! Lisa had it professionally cleaned and is hosting our housewarming party next month. We couldn't be happier."
5 /5.0
by zuser20170729131918852
"Lisa was amazing to work with! My husband and I met her at an open house. She was very friendly, easy to talk to and had a pretty good knowledge of the market. We also had a 1:1 conversation with Lisa to discuss our housing needs and see whether Lisa would be a good fit. She was very patient and answered all of our questions/concerns in detail. We are first-time home buyers, so I appreciated Lisa taking the time to explain the whole home buying process.Lisa was ALWAYS available for home tours. Her responsiveness was incredible. If she didn’t pick up a call, she would always call back within 5minutes or leave a text. She kept us updated every step of the process and was always available to answer our seemingly endless questions. Once we got into escrow, Lisa was diligent in ensuring all inspections were in place, communicated with the seller’s agent, and kept us informed. Her promptness, market knowledge, strategic mindset, kindness, and good energy made a potentially chaotic purchase process simple. I cannot recommend her highly enough!"
5 /5.0
by minorstuff18
"My wife and I are so thankful to have had Lisa as our realtor. This was our first time selling a residential property with an agent. We were living out of town, and I don't know what we would have done without her. Lisa walked us through the whole process, gave advice on repairs, and even assisted with keeping the property 'show ready.' I trust Lisa to do what is best for me regarding real estate, and I will use her for any future real estate I am involved with."
5 /5.0
by zuser20140522174833288
"What I loved the most about working with Lisa as my real estate agent was how invested she was in portraying the feeling of my home vs. it being represented as just another house. She gave me a lot of helpful advice on the best ways to spend my remodeling budget as I was preparing our home before it went on the market. This helped so I did not spend money on things that were not needed and she helped me focus on what improvements would get me the best price for the house. The open house that she hosted for me had a luxurious charcuterie spread, fine wines and even had a preferred lender on site. She did everything from checking on the plants and the house to providing professional cleaning, high-end photography & the most amazing video that showcased the finest of the homes’ details. After I reviewed the professionally edited video it was so emotional to see the spectacular beauty that other people were then able to view and feel the true essence of my home. With her staging style and design expertise, my home transformed from average to phenomenal. I would highly recommend contacting Lisa at any stage of your home buying or selling process. She is a master negotiator and stood strong in having my best interests in mind from start to finish. She had a lot of good ideas I had never thought of and added value throughout the selling process. Instead of doing major price drops she was creative with enticing marketing and incentives, such as the carpet reduction which was much cheaper than lowering the price too soon. Lisa kept my best interests in mind even if it meant prolonging the sale of the home to get the right buyer and the right price and never made me feel like I was just a dollar sign. I absolutely loved working with Lisa and will always recommend her to my friends and family."
5 /5.0
by jenheigl
"It was a great pleasure working with Lisa on our recent home purchase! As a first time home buyer, our experience with Lisa could not have been better, she took great care to explain the entire process, step by step, and was more than patient with our numerous questions. Lisa also worked diligently to minimize the frustration caused by miscommunication between parties, and helped ensure a rapid, smooth closing process. I will be using Lisa for any of my future housing needs, and recommend you do as well!"
5 /5.0
by harshaeswarappa
"I just completed the sale of my condo in Gilbert, AZ. After attempting to sell FSBO without any success, Lisa Le contacted me with an offer to handle the sale of my property on attractive terms. Her vibrant personality and her midwest honest approach convinced me to hire her. She immediately went to work listing the property, painting the front door and staged the condo at her own expense. She arranged for two open houses and got multiple offers. We signed a contract for more than the asking price. Would I sign up with Lisa again? In a heart beat! Her honesty, enthusiasm and solid advice aimed towards my best interests rather than hers sold me. If you want someone to who will bust her tail end to sell your property, hire Lisa! You won't regret it. ~John"
5 /5.0
by Bruce Haslam
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