Spilling The Tea~In Real Estate #2

Dated: September 8 2022

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To stage or not to stage?

Here are some questions that HomeAdvisor addressed in a recent article and here are the answers.

Is staging a home for sale worth the cost?

Yes, staging a home for sale is well worth the cost. Staged houses spend 33 to 50% less time on the market compared to non-staged homes. Staged homes also sell for 20% higher. This results in an extra 8 to 10% return compared to non-staged homes.

Why is it important to stage your home?

It is important to stage your home because most home buyers start their search online, looking through photographs of each property. Staged homes can make a better first impression, sell faster and for more money.

Who should pay to stage a house?

The seller or real estate agent should pay to stage a house. To save money, sellers can personally hire a designer to do the adjustments. In other situations, the realtor may offer to pay for staging services as part of the selling package or include the fees in the closing costs.

As a Certified Home Stager and Real Estate Agent for the last 11 years I can safely say that this is accurate information. It will cost you anywhere between $500-$4,000 to stage a home depending on the size and if it’s already furnished or not. If your agent recommends ideas like repainting over a red wall with a neutral color or taking down family pictures or decluttering you should consider it. They are trying to help make the house neutral for all buyers and it’s in your best interest so you can get more money for your home. But who really pays for the staging?

Even though most Realtors get a hefty paycheck for selling your home you’ll find that the majority of them will pass the cost on to their sellers. I say as the homeowner negotiates this piece with them. There are various ways you or your realtor can “stage” your home.

* You could do soft staging for a home that already is fully furnished but may not have enough decor.

* Soft staging also works for very small condos that you can’t fit a lot of furniture into or or it would crowd the space.

* For staging homes that are empty most of the time I like to do the main areas and leave the secondary bedrooms empty so the buyer can imagine what they will do with the room.

* Virtual staging-this is a great and cheap way to stage a big home for little cost. The buyers see the virtual staging online and really get an idea of what the house could look like. This attracts them to come look at the house. Usually when they get there they’re not surprised when the house is empty because they just think that the sellers moved out ahead of time.

* You can also put a photo rendition in each room on the easel to show what the room would look like staged. As a certified Luxury agent I’ve seen this in many upscale homes that are in the multi million dollar price range.

All in all, in my expert advice make sure the agent you choose is going to market your home correctly, treat your home as they would their own and really do everything in their power to get your home sold for the highest price. And DON’T SKIP THE STAGING!

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